16.05.2019 | Master Pharm Group: PLN 15 million revenue and PLN 1.1 million net profit in Q1

The Group's revenues in the first quarter of this year, amounting to nearly PLN 15 million, were at a level lower by 16% yoy. They translated into net profit of PLN 1.1 million, which means a decrease by 63%, mainly related to the impact of fixed costs, with a lower level of revenues in the companies Master Pharm and Avet Pharma.

A major impact on the lower sales of Master Pharm was less customer activity and shifting part of orders for contract manufacturing of dietary supplements to subsequent quarters. 

- The decline in Master Pharm's revenues resulted from the translation of the orders planned for the first quarter by our largest recipient, as well as the necessity to redesign the products for another large customer, which was also associated with a certain shift. However, these orders will be implemented in the next quarters of this year and we will quickly return to the planned schedules - explained Jacek Franasik, President of the Management Board of Master Pharm SA.

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